2 - 3 April 9 -17

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It’s with a heavy heart we have to inform that; Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the flight ban between US and EU, are we forced to cancel the event. Michal can’t fly to Europe and without a speaker there’s not much of a masterclass.


A unique opportunity to learn from the best! Cinematic is proud to present, a two-day long animation masterclass with Pixar’s veteran animator Michal Makarewicz. Each and every part of the course will be designed to break down a specific topic. Michal will go through the animator’s different choices and how different techniques can affect the end result. For example, if you only see the eyes of a prisoner through a hatch. The prisoner can go from confident, to doubtful depending on how you place your keys. About Michal Michal Makarewicz started at Pixar 2003 and has since then worked on 12 feature films and 7 short films. He has been supervising animator at Pixar’s first half-hour special; Toy Story of Terror and also been directing animator at Cars 2 and Finding Dory. Michal won an Annie Award for Outstanding Character Animation in a feature production by International Animated Film Society, for his work on Ratatouille and was nominated for a Visual Effects Society Award (VES) for Outstanding Character Animation in an Animated Feature, for his work with Helen Parr on Incredibles 2. In addition to his work at Pixar, he has taught animation since 2005 and lectured at Animation Mentor, AnimSchool, California College of the Arts (CalArts) and The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Curriculum •Eyes •Eyebrows •Dialouge •Different animation workflows •Graph Editor •Polish •Timing •Q&A •Acting, Performance & theory LIVE Demonstrations in Maya: •Complex Physical Shot •Bouncing Ball •Performance Acting Shot The masterclass will be held at Filmhuset, Stockholm, on the 2-3 April. From 09:00 – 17:00 both days. The masterclass is aimed towards animators and students with relevant education. If you have any questions about the event, please email: masterclass@cinematic.se

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