28 - 30 Augusti 2020

About This Event

✨Members Onley info on www.skaneljud.se

??? The Techno/Acid and Psychedelic Freakshow ???
——————2nd edition, 2X BIGGER—————
We are expanding and creating a techno floor with international music artists!
2 LARGE CIRCLE TENTS out in the countryside. More fun, more music, more experiences.

Chill-out There is a chill-out corner.  Here you can go to rest, hang in the hammock load your mobile.

You will also find the opportunity to watch film in an outdoor lounge in connection with the chill-out.
As usual prices at the bar. Drinks, N2o, snacks and food.

Large area to play on, loud PA systems with capacity for 3000 people.

Come and dance to one of the biggest and craziest outdoor party of the year in Sweden.

We will be running free Traktor Droska in connection with the trains from Billeberga, as at The Psychedelic Freakshow 2019 ?

The grills will be warm through the evening and night ??
The best @himmelopannkaka will be there to paint your faces and bodies ?‍??
Opportunity to tent – motorhome – caravan, and to rent pre-assembled tents ⛺ ⛺⛺

🤡💞🎪 The Techno/Acid and Psychedelic Freakshow 🎪💞🤡

After last years superb success we decided to double the size and add in an additional tent to bring you a real festival grade line up with more options than before.
Come and join us for our biggest adventure yet!
This is the party of the year in Southern Sweden!

Protonica https://soundcloud.com/protonica
Earthling https://soundcloud.com/earthling
Nikki S https://soundcloud.com/djnikkis
SkyVibes https://soundcloud.com/armin-skyvibes
Tripnosis https://soundcloud.com/tripnosis-dk
Sacred Secret Trance https://soundcloud.com/sacredsecretlive
DJ Mary Swan https://soundcloud.com/maryswan
Oyram B2B Junior 2.5 hour exclusive set https://soundcloud.com/sigemark https://soundcloud.com/dj-sven-junior
Spench https://soundcloud.com/dj-spench
LabRat https://soundcloud.com/patricksonnesen
DJ Psy-Mon https://soundcloud.com/psychedelicmalmo
Azgeir https://soundcloud.com/phetur
DJ Daniel Deer https://soundcloud.com/danieldeer
Tottem https://soundcloud.com/tottem-1
DJ ari3l https://soundcloud.com/ari3lofficial
DJ Goblin
DJ WANK http://www.fb.com/djwank http://soundcloud.com/dj-wank
JIM LEE https://www.fb.com/Jimleedj https://soundcloud.com/jimleedj
JOAKIM COSMO https://www.fb.com/joakim.cosmo https://soundcloud.com/joakimcosmo
JOHAN LECANDER https://www.fb.com/johannilsson303 https://soundcloud.com/johannilsson
JOHN H https://www.fb.com/djjohnhofficial https://soundcloud.com/djjohnh
RØTTAR https://www.fb.com/rottarrustynails https://soundcloud.com/rottar
ÆMMA https://www.fb.com/aemma https://soundcloud.com/aemma_official
DOMINIK VOGEL https://www.fb.com/DominikVogel909 http://soundcloud.com/dominik-vogel
UNKRAUT https://www.fb.com/Unkraut.Techno
KINKY T https://www.fb.com/dj.kinky.t https://soundcloud.com/t-king-1

🎪 hi-tech artists to be announced soon! 🎪

2 Large circus tents in the Swedish countryside for a 2 day festival feel party. Large area to play on, 2 x loud PA systems bringing you quality sound what No Name Groupe is well known for.

Come dance to one of the biggest and craziest outdoor parties of the year in Southern Sweden.
Bar, gas and food available. Chill-out area, shop and vegan food provided by
Tuss 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/Earthtribe-May-rah-kee-decor-100986001306272/ https://www.facebook.com/TussShop-703305493396683/ https://www.facebook.com/TussiLabb-energy-bar-648314642252084/
Pickup available from Billeberga station in the rave traktor 🚌 Camping available ⛺⛺

Please note all ticket holders must be a member of No Name Groupe.

Membership is available at https://apply.cardskipper.se/zh8
Camping prices includes showers. 200sek per person. 300sek per camper van then 100sek per occupant. Camping passes available on ticket site and must be purchased in advance to gain access to camping area.  Membership is available at https://apply.cardskipper.se/zh8   ⛺⛺

Prise 20 skr/ 1 yer  Pay to paypal  nng@skaneljud.se  / Swich 123 068 86 89

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